Interview Finalist Cup of Excellence 2020

• Name and Last Name: Douglas Ramón Padilla González
• Age: 48 Años
• ID: 163-150172-0002K
• Telephone: 8568- 6847
• Cooperative: Multifuncional Héroes y Mártires de Cantagallo
• Farm Name: El Polanco
• Coffee Area: 8 ½ Mz
• Variety: Caturra
• Other crops: Musácea, beans, corns
Under shade. What kind of shade: banana, guaba, avocado, mandarine, lemon y musacia.
• Organic / Conventional: Organic

• Farm history / family / why the name of the farm? How did your history with coffee start?
The farm is called like this because when the community started, families came then they gave the coffee plantations their names or surnames, that is why it is called El Polanco (it was from a man named Francisco Polanco).

We started with coffee with what is with cleaning the grass with the machete, regulation of shade, and the sanitary pruning, as kids we worked in those tasks, but in other people’s lands.

I started working with my mom very young, my dad died when I was 7 years old, and she is like father and mother to me, she taught me how to work, I was always behind her at her work and when I started with coffee I worked for the cooperative They took me to pull bags and plant coffee, all this happened when it was not yet a cooperative, but when we entered the cooperative, little by little I continued working with coffee on different things until I became a partner.

What I like the most is that there is a job, both for my family and for another person who does not have one, because we hire him/her to help us work and so they improve their lifestyle. What I like about coffee is that it provides work and truly there is work throughout the year.

I have also been in part with the PRODECOOP organization, I am a promoter of the cooperative and I was also in the board of directors of the cooperative for 9 years.
In my family there are 3 women and 1 man, and two grandchildren, we are 8 in total, including us (the wife and him).

3. What were the good practices that you implemented that made you a winner of the Cup of Excellence program?
We have continuous terraces, sanitary pruning, shade regulation, and we work all organic. First of all, we cut only the ripe grain, when it is to be pulped, we are careful, we regulate the machinery well, we are also careful in the washing process, to give the needed time and with the drying as well, and we always select it well to have good quality and deliver to the mobile collection in the house of the cooperative.

4. What do you think of the cup of excellence program? Have you participated before / What do you think about participating?
This contest for us is very important, it is very good so that people realize the good quality coffee that we are producing. Before as a cooperative, they had participated, it came to achieve an award, at that time we were excited to continue giving what the coffee gives us. And we hope in God that in the participation of now to see what results we have, but we will continue trying.

5. How do you feel about being one of the winners?
Very happy, because it is the first time that I am participating. We know that here we produce good quality coffee. For my family, it means that there is an income and if the income is there (which is the coffee) we keep the studies for our children, and for the maintenance of the house.

6. In what will you invest in the profits you earn from the cup of excellence?
In my plot, it is very important to maintain it to keep it healthy and productive.

7. Have you previously participated in the Cup of Excellence program?
Yes, in 2017

8. Why your coffee is a quality coffee? What do you have to say for the customers?
That they continue buying coffee from us because it is a good quality coffee, which is a virgin land where we plant, without contamination.

I am a small producer and my coffee is of quality, we give it good maintenance from the time we plant it to the harvest.