Interview Finalist Cup of Excellence 2020

• Name and Last Name: Jairo José Gurdián Zeledón
• Age: 47 years old.
• Cooperative: San Isidro
• Farm Name: El Bosque
• Coffee Area: 10 mz
• Variety: Parainema, lempira y catrinic
• Other crops: Musácea, granos básicos (maíz y frijol)
• Under shade. What kind of shade: Guineo, guaba, aguacate, mandarina, limón agrio
• Organic / Conventional: Organic
• Farm history / family / why the name of the farm?
It is a mountainous area, there are congos and a variety of animals.

I got involved in the world of coffee because of my father. He has been a coffee grower for a long time. He was born and raised on farms and we inherited that as children.
We are 7 brothers 4 women and 3 men. The lands are native they come from family generational lands that my grandmother left.
I feel calm with coffee because it is my lifestyle since we were kids.

We work as a family, my children and some people from the community, my wife’s name is Juana Pastora Cruz Izaguirre, my children Edgar Joel, Anderson, Lester and Mareling. They all support me in the crops, make seedlings, my daughter is already married but she always supports us with the farm, about a year ago I inherited my children so that they also grow in this environment.
The good practices that I do on the farm are: to try to maintain the prunings by replanting some plants that are deteriorating and to make continuous seedbeds year after year so that they remain in a stable state.

• What do you think of the cup of excellence program? Have you participated before / What do you think about participating?

I have been a producer for so many years and it is my first time that I am going to participate in the cup of excellence, this has excited me.

Why your coffee is a quality coffee? What do you have to say for the customers?

My message as an organic producer is to tell you that in this area we need a better added value to our coffee, we have good coffee, we take care of flora and fauna, and our clients deserve quality coffee.