Evangelical Pastor for 10 years, agronomist engineer, 52 years old, married and father of 3 children, member of the fourth generation of producer, Producer, Beneficiary and Exporter of coffee.
Starting in the world of coffee for more than 30 years, working with his father LUIS EMILIO VALLADAREZ ZELAYA in all areas and also supporting small producers in Nueva Segovia, developing different continuous improvement projects to strengthen the Production and marketing of Cafes Specials in the Region.
The installation of Beneficio las Segovias began in 2005, with the areas of Warehouse and Machinery, patios for drying, then built the office, then the cupping laboratory.
He acquired his first farm "Finca la Bendición" located in the community of La Providencia, Jalapa. A few years later, he managed to acquire Las Fincas a Gift from God and Hope in the community of Quisuli, Mozonte.
He is currently the Owner of Fincas Lo Prometido and Vista Bella in Mozonte.
He is one of the pioneer producers in Nicaragua in accessing the markets for Special coffees and micro-lots, which has been the result of work carried out for many years with great passion, dedication, wisdom and effort and GLORY TO GOD.
It has dedicated itself to working according to quality, developing different experimentations and validations with the different varieties, types of ripening of the cherries, control of fermentation times, different Processes, and improvements year after year in the drying processes, which takes a position at a high level in the Strict Specialty markets and the development of direct Relations with roasters worldwide through the years.
Its vision is to continue focusing on improving every day and maintaining the quality of its coffee at the highest levels to guarantee the satisfaction of each consumer, and therefore to be able to represent Nicaragua as a supplier of excellent quality coffees.
We know that God has blessed Nicaragua by giving us fertile land and sending the early and late rain to our fields. GLORY BE THE LORD!
Finca ¨A GIFT OF GOD¨ is located in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range, in the community of Quisuli, Mozonte, Nueva Segovia. It is characterized by having an altitude of 1,350 to 1,700 meters above sea level with a cloud forest climate and temperatures of 10 ° to 16 ° C.
The type of soil on the farm is sandy loam, with abundant humus. Abundant biodiversity can be found in flora, with lati-foliate species predominating, as well as conifers and rainfall of 1400 to 1600 mm per year. All these conditions are great advantages for the production of quality coffee.
The farm currently consists of 260 Mz, of which 120 Mz are coffee plantation and 140 Mz is pine forest.
Varieties: Yellow Catuaí, Red Catuaí, Maracaturra, Pacamara, Java, Bourbon,
Catimore, Hybrids Sl28, Parainema.
I THANK GOD for allowing me to be the first place winner in the Nicaragua 2020 Cup of Excellence.
This award represents to me the representation of a great effort for quality that year after year we work to improve, even in difficult times, our focus is always this, excellence in quality.
To get where we have come to, I have definitely needed the blessings of GOD that have accompanied us all this time, and a lot of firmness, effort and discipline, but I do not owe this achievement entirely to my effort and knowledge, I also thank each one from the people who belong to our work team, from the office, to our field staff, to my 3 children and to my wife. I thank God for achieving this achievement, and enjoying our hard work, day by day in this very important, interesting and exciting field, coffee.