Interview Finalist Cup of Excellence 2020

• Name and Last Name: Wilder Raúl González Ramos
• Cooperative: Zacarías Padilla Romero R.L
• Farm Name: El Marañón y El Areno
• Coffee Area: 4 mz
• Variety: Borbón, Caturra amarillo, Catuai
• Under shade. What kind of shade: Naranja, limón, aguacate, cacao, forestales.
• Organic / Conventional: Orgánico
• Farm history / family / why the name of the farm?
The parcels inherited from my dad, then we became partners to be able to work them, one of the parcels is called the cashew because there is a gigantic tree, so it caught my attention, and I decided with my brother to put "the cashew"; also with the Areno, is because there is a tree of Areno that is about 2 meters thick.
by inheritance, with my dad, we began to plant coffee with cuttings. He has involved us from a young age in activities, such as teaching us to work, from the smallest to the largest we went with him to work in the fields.
We always help each other, sometimes we make ourselves up to a plot alone, because workforce has been scarce, people migrate, we help each other mutually.
My wife is called Eva de Lourdes Matey, my eldest son is Fernando José González, the youngest girl is called Lourdes Gabriela González and I have an older daughter named Wendy González Gutiérrez.
• What were the good practices that you implemented that made you a winner of the Cup of Excellence program?
Tissue management, we visit the plots daily, keep the plants healthy.
• What do you think of the cup of excellence program? Have you participated before / What do you think about participating?

You feel excited, according to the history we have of the parcel, it means that this parcel is a treasure that we have to appreciate, because there are already 3 cups in which we have participated, and in different parcels, my mother, my brother Hamilton and mine now. If I win, then PRODECOOP will sell good coffee, because PRODECOOP fights for our well-being.

• In what will you invest in the profits you earn from the cup of excellence?
To stimulate more the coffee from my plot, take care of it and pamper it more. If I win, we all win, my family the people who help me in the harvest time.

• Why your coffee is a quality coffee? What do you have to say for the customers?
Every cup of coffee that they are buying, they are putting a grain of sand in our development, in our health and especially in our family, that when they are drinking that cup of coffee in their minds, they are seeing our plots, the effort own.